monthly pairingsEach month we like to pair up cigars with all types of spirits. This month we linked 6 great tasting cigars up with some great flavor choices. 

Cohiba Black is a strong cigar, and that's why we like to pair it with a sweet liquor with the flavor of Grand Marnier.

Perdomo Lot 23 we really enjoy with Rum; but, not any rum we prefer Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros.   

Oliva Series V is a smooth cigar that we enjoy smoking with a flavored IPA Shock Top Belgium White gives it that orange flavor.  

Montecristo White label is a very enjoyable cigar on its own; but, we prefer to light it up with a glass of Chianti, Romeo Vin D'Italia.

Macanudo Black and whiskey go hand and hand.  Both have a strong bite and compliment each other.  We prefer to light em up with a glass of Skene Scotch Whiskey Reserve.

Rocky Patel 1992 Vintage a great cigar and goes down smooth.  To add flavor we enjoy Disaronno on the Rocks. 

I believe you can pair Ameretto with a lot of cigars; but, it goes excellent with the Rock Patel 1992.